I was no longer the youngest daughter of a local Oregon family and no longer finding cut-outs of my dreams in magazines- I said Goodbye to Eugene, Ore., and Hello to Dallas, Texas!

We’re live in 3-2-1…I started my Journalism career at Southern Methodist University. With high hopes of becoming the next Kelly Ripa, I committed myself to the SMU morning news program, The Daily Update, where I wrote and reported daily news stories to my peers. One year later, I was named the Associate Arts & Entertainment Editor of the student published newspaper, The Daily Campus. In addition to my title as A&E Editor, I introduced ‘The Skinny’, a column about the local Dallas scene. I spent my first summer in Dallas working for D Magazine and dedicated to their SIP (Special Interest Publication) division, featuring D Weddings and D Beauty. It was in my last year at SMU when I landed a Reporter-Intern position with WFAA (ABC) Channel 8 News, in Dallas. After four fabulous years in The Big D, I graduated from SMU, packed my car, and headed for the Golden Coast.

I took my unique eye and love for aesthetics to Los Angeles. When I’m not fulfilling my role as a Digital Sales Planner for Turner Sports, I am scrolling through luxury fashion & home decor, creating inspiration boards and capturing life’s finer moments through my camera lens. It wasn’t until I learned the corporate layout in Integrated Ad-Sales, that I understood what it would take to be committed to my vision and realize this {cut-out} was one for the board.

I passed the best notes in grade school, the juiciest notes in high school and wrote the most heartfelt notes in college. So with my Oregon roots and Texas pride, I am here to pass you the note of all notes…and a little inspiration, too!

Xo, Bina


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