Such Great Heights

Our favorite hide guyKyle Bunting goes floor to ceiling with his creations once again.  Check out this amaze hide-paper in Platinum at the W Residence in Atlanta, Georgia.

Navy & White obsessed

Ok, so I can’t help it today, I like blue and white…ok I love blue and white. Who doesn’t? But this time, i’m obsessing over navy grasscloth wall-coverings (pictured). I often forget how much impact wall texture can have on a room – Hello home office! Want in? Check out textile guru, Phillip Jeffries for wall covering ideas and techniques. I’m going bananas for this Manila Hemp textured wall-covering in Kelly Green, too. I think today would be a good day to channel my obsessions through some pink peonies! ;)

Foreign Inspiration

Historically, Blue and White ware was shunned by the high court in the advent of the Ming Dynasty. It was said to be too foreign in inspiration but there is no doubt that blue and white china has become a timeless and effortless tradition, common to the household.

There is something so classic about blue and white. For me, it’s a memory of my mother and her  fabulous porcelain. Every plate a different design, she would line them up perfectly so they would grace the eye with ease and establish a presence in her living space. While I never understood her love for these jars, vases, and plates as a kid, I knew that these wares would someday influence my living space, as well.

Five Steps for Casing

When it comes to your shelf life, it’s never going to last long so do yourself a favor and start a new chapter now!

Step 1: Dare to be Bare

Remove all items from your shelf. Make two piles: Original Items & Non Original Items. Doesn’t it look better already?!

Step 2: Box it up

Place all items that are senseless (non original), in a box. Mark the box, GOODWILL.

Step 3: Wipe it Down

Wipe and dust all original items…I bet you have between one and five, if you’re really giving yourself a shot at this. If you have one, thats great –  If you have five, you are lying to yourself!

Step 4: Less is more

Now you have a handful of special pieces. Place each sentiment randomly and be sure to find a balance in size and color. Less is more!

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Don’t be afraid to chuck that old picture frame your BFF gave you for your sweet-sixteen. Its throwing off the balance of your new shelves but more importantly, it is likely throwing off your life balance, altogether…just a thought! Instead, head to Homegoods and buy a silver frame or something along the lines of timeless and classic.

Getting Personal…

Could Kyle Bunting get any luckier? His beautiful better-half, Elizabeth Bunting (inset) launched an extraordinarily unique pillow line to compliment his already uber successful collection of hides…

Kyle married Elizabeth Bunting (pictured), who at the time they met, was a thriving young stock trader by day and bomb-shell socialite by night. Shortly after Elizabeth and Kyle wed, she encouraged him to turn his hobby of rug-making into a business. Today, Kyle is one of the leading cowhide manufacturers in upholstery. It was in 2011 that the couple grew their business ever-more by assigning Elizabeth to manage his pillow line.

Truly there is nothing I love more than a monogram to put the finishing touches on any room in your house. From bath towels to throw pillows, the Buntings know what it takes to get personal!


Kyle Bunting, a master extraordinaire in hide, has made his own red footprint in Paris, while debuting a trimmed back version of his collection in the Christian Louboutin men’s boutique.


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